Sun Lolita Bbs

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Sun Lolita Bbs


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I was mortified and turned away, trying to cover up. He dropped his towel
onto the wet floor and Sun Lolita Bbs staggered back against the far wall, just about
falling over he was laughing so hard. He slid down the wall until he was
seated and clamped a hand over his mouth so he wasn't so loud (I guess she
realized attracting attention under the circumstances was a bad idea). He
stopped when he saw how embarrassed and ashamed I was. He composed himself
and stood up and in a low voice said not to be embarrassed because he got
hard in the shower a lot since that was where he jerked off (which of
course I knew). He told me at my age he "popped" all the time and jerked
off around the clock. That didn't help my hard on either.
I was pretty nervous and quiet and he Sun Lolita Bbs asked if I wanted some time to myself
in the shower. I said no since someone might come in and he said in that
case I should rinse off, dry off and go back to my room to get ready for
bed. He picked up his water logged towel and rung it out as best e could
and slapped it around himself. He even checked the bathroom and hall to
make sure they were clear before we left for my room � though my cock
was flaccid by that point out of sheer embarrassment.
I usually sleep naked and I know he does as well but when we dressed for
bed we both wore boxers. With the window open the room was cold, but I like
it better that way and so did he so we left it cold and decided to use a
big cover duvay thing. He laid down first on his side and then told me to
slide in next to him so he wouldn't "get poked by that thing" while he was
sleeping. I kind of laughed but was still mortified. I was very quiet as a
result as I turned the lights off etc. To my surprise he pulled me close to
him in a bear hug and spooned me. I don't ever remember being that close to
my dad when he was shirtless - I must have been when we went to water
slides and pools as a kid and I know he used to bear hug me from behind a
lot when I was younger but that stopped when I was a teen. I felt safe in
his arms and it was nice (if a little warm) but I could also feel his hairy
chest and stubbly chin and warm breath and his muscles in his arms and legs
too. I felt like such a pervert! This didn't help and I found my cock
hardening again
Part of the turn on I think (particularly lying in bed hard with him
hugging me) was that I loved my dad and would do anything for him. I kind
of liked the idea that I'd even service him sexually to show him how much I
loved him. I liked the physical affection from him would have loved to have
shown him my love in that way - I adored him and his sexy, furry body. I
was proud of him.
Anyway we lay there for a while and then he asked if I was asleep. I said
no. He said he wanted to make sure I wasn't upset about the shower � him
towel whipping me or me getting hard. I said it was ok. He asked if I had a
girl or anyone (what the fuck did that mean?) that I had sex with. I said
no. He asked when the last time I had cum with someone else was. I felt
like I was glowing red in the dark I was blushing so hard. The actual last
time was when a drunk straight buddy let me blow him at a beach party and I
jerked off doing it (all over his left sneaker!) but I sure as hell wasn't
going to tell him that. I gave him a vague answer that it was sometime in
June (it was now October). He said no wonder I was so horny and
laughed. Then he asked how often I jerked. I said a couple of times a
week. He hugged me closer and whispered "Liar" into my ear. I laughed a
little and said once a day usually, and at night. He asked if I had done it
last night. I had fallen asleep studying so I hadn't. He said that was two
days then and said I should probably "rub one out to ease up a little". I
was comfortable in the bed and loved him so close and told him I didn't
want to go back to the bathroom. He said to do it right there in the
room. What?
I went silent. He waited for a minute and then told Sun Lolita Bbs
me to grab the sweat
socks I had worn that day form the floor beside the bed. I did and handed
them to him. He threw one away over me and kept one. He asked if I had
sensitive nipples and balls and liked them played with. This was way more
sex talk than the two of us had ever had we'd talked about sex but nothing
personal like this. I said yes, I did. I loved my balls tickled lightly and
often did it to myself. He said "Okay" and then shuffled around a bit (I
couldn't see what he was doing behind me, and it was pitch black except for
a red glow from my alarm clock). I felt him pull the covers out from under
my arm and over top of us both � right over our heads. Suddenly I felt
my boxers being pulled down and off. He came into embrace me again, but
this time slid much closer making full contact to my back, shoulders, ass,
and legs. I could feel his boxers were still on, though. He slid his left
hand under my neck and over my chest. He slid his right hand over mine,
handing me the sock. Then I heard his Sun Lolita Bbs voice � a sexy low growl right in
my ear, and his hot breath on my neck.
"Stretch this over your john and jerk into it so there is no mess." I said
nothing but took the sock and did as I was told. "Now grab your cock and
start working it"
I was shocked but so turned on. He proceeded to talk even dirtier to me in
that low voice � obviously intentional. He told me a fantasy about some
blonde chick he had brought into the room without me knowing and how she
was sucking me off right there and then. I just listened and kept
stroking. He started to rub my chest with is left hand, cupping my pecs and
kneading them and playing with my nipples. With his other hand, he rubbed
my thigh and side, working his way to my inner thigh and eventually
tickling my balls lightly. His big heavy hands, the backs covered in fur on
my skin were heaven. I went nuts, jerking and enjoying every second of
it. My breathing was very heavy and I was moaning. He asked if I was close
and I moaned that I was. He suddenly grabbed the base of my cock, wrapping
his paw around it and jerking m shaft a few times hard saying "Cum for me
now, come for your Daddy, boy. Shoot that load"
That was all I needed. I shot at once - my body spasming against his and he
held me even tighter grasping the base of my cock through the sock very
tightly as I shot and shot into the end of it. I was very loud � moaning
like crazy. At that moment there were voices outside the door in the hall
and the hand that was playing with my chest clamped over my mouth to muffle
me. He broke up laughing, burying his face into my neck to stifle it and we
both lay there for about 5 minutes after the voices passed laughing.
Eventually he released me and pulled the sock off (I jumped at this as I
was still Sun Lolita Bbs
so sensitive), wiping me gently with it and tossing it onto the
floor. He threw the covers off and we lay there for Sun Lolita Bbs
a while cooling
off. After a bit, he spoke.
"So are you done now? Can we get some sleep" he asked.
I answered "fuck, yes!" and we laughed again.
He said we should go to sleep Sun Lolita Bbs because it was nearly 3 in the morning and he
had the conference. I asked him if he needed anything (hoping he wanted me
to return the favor though I had done most of the work myself). He said no
that he was fine and joked that we'd run out of socks. I asked if he wanted
to take his boxers off because that would be okay Sun Lolita Bbs but he said he should
leave them on. I was disappointed at this, but hoped if it was because he
had a hard on as well. He spooned me close again and we fell asleep. I
slept like a log and didn't wake until just after 9 when he kissed me on
the forehead - fully showered and dressed � as he left for the
We've never discussed that night in my dorm room again though every so
often he's tossed veiled jokes at me when I couldn't respond (shower jokes,
sock jokes, Psycho jokes). I came out to him a few months later � when I
was home a few days before Christmas Eve. He was great about it and told me
he suspected since I Sun Lolita Bbs was about 12 when he found me looking at Sears
catalogs underwear sections (lol). After I was in bed that night he came
into my room and thanked me for telling him. He said it felt good that I
trusted him. He asked if I had dated any guys and I said no, but had fooled
around a bit. He gave me the safe sex talk. We both went quiet a bit and
then he looked at me with a serious stare.
"You know I was drunk that night, right? I mean I hope you were okay with
it. I just knew that you needed something and I suspected you were into
guys and not getting much and... I dunno, I was drunk. I just love you and,
you know, I'm your Dad so it was weird but I think you liked it."
I said I was cool and that I loved him for it. He grinned and asked if I
had gotten laid more in my dorm room and I said "well there was this one
big, hot, hairy, old guy in October..." he said I was a pervert and kissed
me goodnight on the forehead. I didn't want him to leave and asked if he
had ever done that before to a guy. He grinned and said he was my age once
too, and grew up in a house with 3 brothers, not to mention being a member
of an over-sexed high school football team. My jaw dropped. He laughed and
said to get my mind out of the gutter, and turned to go. As he left he said
"and stay out of the shower... and my sock drawer".
A few days later when I woke up on Christmas morning there was package to
me from "Santa" beside my bed. It was a 12 pack of white sports socks, a 12
pack of condoms, a tube of lube, and a sheet of paper with a website url
and log in: The Naked Sword � with a prepaid 1 year membership. He had a
smirk on his face when I hugged him Merry Christmas that morning.
Hidden in the socks was a sexy photo of him self on a beach from some
vacation they went on. I have jerked off looking at that several times
since, wishing I had the real Sun Lolita Bbs thing to play with.
To Be Continued...
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:21:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Micheal Lee
Subject: part 3 of Daddy Hunter
Author's Note: If it is frowned upon in your community to be reading
materials containing homosexual behavior, or if you personally frown upon

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